The creation of hemp farms began with curiosity. Over the past year, cannabis products have gained a lot of media coverage for their potential health benefits. When legislation in New York allowed for the cultivation of industrial hemp, our company was fortunate enough to be granted a license to grow and process hemp. We began our farm operation in upstate New York. We partnered with growers from the west coast who brought their many years of experience to guide us through our season to ensure a successful harvest.

To create a product line that we can truly call our own, we enlisted the help of our other co-founder, Lev Aminov. Lev graduated from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. His practice site is currently in Brooklyn where he specializes in custom compounding. These skills are now put to use to create pharmaceutical grade oral and topical products made with integrity, quality, and of course, hemp grown on our wonderful east coast!

 Thank you for considering our company to provide you with CBD supplements.  We hope our products have a positive impact on your health and well being.